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Whether you want to spend time with family and friends on the open seas or set forth on a solo cruise, the BAVARIA CRUISER 33 was designed to satisfy your every need. Besides excellent sailing performance, the CRUISER 33 offers you unexpectedly generous space in the cockpit and – more importantly – below deck. Here the crew will find a saloon so comfortable and spacious that they would be forgiven for thinking they were sailing a much larger yacht – as many journalists have already commented during testing of the CRUISER 33. Farr Yacht Design and Design Unlimited have worked hard to maximise interior volume and ergonomics above deck, across the entire range, and the CRUISER 33 is testament to this design brief from the BAVARIA yard.

It is not uncommon to see a double berth with the dimensions of a king size bed in the guest cabin of a 33-foot yacht. But only a CRUISER 33 will offer you corresponding headroom, a great deal of movement and storage space to boot.



Mast base, cleats, blocks, winches, stanchions, cockpit windows, hatches – the list of components that belong on the deck and in the cockpit of a CRUISER 33 is long. A CRUISER 33 has over 40 items that the BAVARIA product managers factor in. An efficient deck layout is the result of the many years of experience of the product managers, designers and boat builders at BAVARIA. Each piece of equipment has its proper place on the deck – it is installed to the exact millimetre where it is most effective for handling the yacht. In the construction of the deck, loading analysis dictates where aluminium sheets are laminated in crucial areas of the sandwich construction for extra strength in loaded areas such as where winches are mounted. Computer-controlled milling and drilling ensure that positioning is precise.

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