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Carrying the world's highest quality and unique brands to suit your boating liestyle needs.


We are the exclusive dealers for a range of quality international brands in Southern China, Hong Kong and Macau. We carefully select brands with unique characteristics in order to meet every customers need.


Brands we represent include:


SUNSEEKER - Sunseeker are world leaders in Luxury Performance Motor Yachts. The result of an uncompromising approach to design, craftsmanship & performance. Sunseeker International is delighted to appoint NextWave Yachting as its new distributor serving Hong Kong. The partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop an already strong market presence in the region for Sunseeker.

SEALINE - Pushing the boundaries of boat design for over 40 years. The result is a truly individual British design that brings you a luxurious, hand crafted world that feels instinctive, both inside and out.


BAVARIA - Synonymous with building the world’s best sailing yachts. Bavaria combines boat building tradition, modern German engineering and precise manufacturing.


CHRIS CRAFT- Over 140 years of boat building experience. Every boat fulfils the promise of timeless beautiful, agile performance, durable dependability, traditional craftsmanship, stylish comfort and American heritage.


WIDER - Creates high-quality, innovative yachts and super yachts that combine top-level performance and low fuel consumption with remarkably flexible living space, designed for the lifestyle of the modern client.

Vanquish Yachts - Vanquish only creates boats for demanding individuals, we also insist on total quality and reliability, applying the latest engineering technologies and systems.

WAVE - A subsidiary of NextWave Yachting, focuses on design and the manufacture of luxury pleasure boats. The combination of contemporary design, extreme usable space, supreme quality and unmatched performance with an affordable price.

DE ANTONIO YACHTS - Born from a passion for the sea and design, its founders are dedicated to building innovative boats with simple design, providing new solutions and concepts that improve efficiency, usability and performance.

NextWave 领涛游艇 代理品牌简介


Sunseeker是豪华高性能游艇的全球领导者。突破的设计於工艺和性能方面全面覆盖。 Sunseeker International很高兴任命NextWave Yachting为香港的新经销商。此次合作为Sunseeker提供了绝佳的机会来发展和在该地区强大的市场地位

- 星蓝游艇 SEALINE

成立超过40期间,不段推进船的设计界限,这真正的英国个性设计,带给你豪华、工艺的世界。Sealine 的其中一项设计 特色是巧妙利用通畅的全景窗、落地玻璃设计、移动天窗空间令自然光带到船上;透过设计师的精心布局和设计,把船上空间增大及更多化。

- 巴伐利亚帆船游艇 BAVARIA

品牌在人心目中等同于建筑帆船游艇和摩托艇。通过现代化的工业生产设施,结合游艇制造传统、德国机械,能 够精确地制造游艇至丝毫不差。



- 美国克里斯游艇 CHRIS CRAFT

超过140年的游艇制造经验。每艘艇满足了永不过时的美丽、敏捷的性能、坚固耐用可信性、传统手工艺、时 尚舒适和美国传统的承诺。




NextWave Yachting 游艇的子公司,专注于设计和制造的豪华游艇。结合现代设计、极致的可用空间、最高的品质、无与伦比的性能 与合理的价格于一身。

- V2

创新、年轻而富有活力的品牌。在完全创新的思维背后,由拥有超过15年游艇和工艺设计、制造和发展的工程师和造船工程师等经验丰富 的团队支持。

- 动力冲浪板 JETSURF

来自捷克的超轻动力冲浪板。一个结合冲浪、值摩托运动和娱乐休闲的多元运动,JetSurf 是为挑战与刺激的水上运动 爱好者而设计。拥有 JetSurf 您不需要船拉动或浪才能冲浪。

- 电动水上潜水推进器 SEABOB



创立于1985年位于巴塞罗那,专注于设计和营销航海生活配饰包括餐具、厨房、船舱、浴室和甲板上。MB 所有的系列 的构思和目的是使船上的生活更愉快和舒适。