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JetSurf, an Ultra lightweight motorised surfboard, designed to challenge and thrill water sports lovers everywhere. JetSurfing is a crossover sport which combines surfing, high octane motor sports and recreational fun. With JetSurf you don't need a boat to pull you or a wave to break, and weighing in at a mere 15 kg (dry weight) your board is easily transported by hand, car, boat and commercial airliner. You can even join a sanctioned racing organisation and ride with sports clubs from around the world. Get into shape while having a great time.

A must-have for every boat! Designed and manufactured in Germany, SEABOB is the world's most technically advance and powerful underwater scooter. It's your personal submarine that allows you to move gracefully like a dolphin, experience vast open spaces and pure freedom. It's easy handling makes it suitable for all skill levels and ages, perfect for families and diving lovers alike.

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The eFoil lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves required.


The Lift electric hydrofoil takes advantage of modern technology and expert craftsmanship to create something state-of-the-art.  The eFoil offers an amazing experience with hardware that’s built to last.

Aggressive, tough, self-confident, elegant, unique in its style, Burrasca is the result of research and attention to details, to provide high performance and excitement while riding it.

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There is more than one way to fly and with Zapata's range of hydro flyers you can take to the sky in a variety of ways. You can shoot up into the sky like a superhero, carve through the air like a flying surfer, or pilot a jetpack like a sci-fi action hero. We have all your flying dreams covered and once you install a PWC Connection Kit to your Jet Ski®, it will quickly connect to any of Zapata's hydro flyers.

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