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 "I’ve never enjoyed sitting still, or simply standing by. Making do doesn't come naturally to me either. Pushing the boundaries and shooting for the stars, that's what I enjoy. No blinkers, no exceptions – just open-mindedness and a desire to build the very best for our clients.” Tilli Antonelli, founder and CEO Wider Srl


Tilli believes we must break away from tired conventions and have the conviction to follow bold new ideas to create truly exceptional modern yachts. In his words: "Innovate, develop, and renew. This is WIDER's approach to design."

It is this philosophy that has taken WIDER to where it is today, with a fleet of day and weekend cruisers, and a burgeoning superyacht range. The unique concept behind the company was to open up the experience of life at sea, and we have achieved this by increasing the useable surface area onboard and also by rethinking every detail in terms of design, comfort and technology.


The stand-out feature of a WIDER yacht is space. From the revolutionary cockpit of the WIDER 42 and sizeable beach clubs of our Superyachts, to the generous guest cabins and light airy living areas – WIDER offers more than the competition in every respect.


 Nothing on board a WIDER yacht is standard. But originality is not enough without quality of finish, and we continuously research new materials and seek out new partners to ensure we deliver the very best in quality and performance. 


WIDER Superyachts are the first in their size range in the world to use a highly efficient diesel-electric propulsion system combined with Azimuthal pods. This combination promises low fuel consumption, a significantly increased navigation range, lower noise and vibration and greater flexibility for the designers. It allows WIDER to continue to create space, using the traditional engine room area to create larger guest cabins. 

Wider Models


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Wider 165
Wider 165
Wider 165 with speedboat
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